Writing for the web and copywriting for real life

I'm a freelance copywriter, and I come up with words and 'content' ('cause that's what we're calling ideas these days) for brands of all sizes - online and off.

Web content writing.

Blog posts, video scripts, website copy - I write all that. I make sure your web content reflects your brand, feels human, tickles the search engines and most of all, gives your visitors what they want. And they say you can't please everyone. 


Because your brand needs to sound consistent in the real world as well as online, I also write words you can touch. Need packaging copy that gets your product off the shelf? Annual report writing that doesn’t bore your shareholders to tears? Then you need a copywriter.

Consultancy (helping you find the right words).

Brilliant writing doesn't just appear on the page. I have to do lots of clever thinking before writing anything, so your words do their job. I even offer brand naming services to make sure you don't end up with something like the 'Nissan Cedric' (seriously, it existed).

Case studies.