Copywriting for brands and websites

Good web, print and broadcast copywriting helps your brand gain more responses, receive fewer complaints, make more money and be altogether more brilliant.

Typography saying solutions is a dirty word. Especially to a brand and web copywriter.

Brand and web copywriter.

Good copywriting helps you avoid those pesky business clichés in website copy, print and broadcast writing. And it could help your brand gain more responses, reduce complaints, make more money or simply be brilliant.

So stop using words like ‘solutions’ (shudder). You're better than that.

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Could your brand's tone of voice work harder?

Every brand has a tone of voice that could convey a feeling of personality (yes financial companies, even you). It's a case of finding that tone, and making it reflect the best of what you do.

A well developed tone will make your audience more likely to act on your copy, and can improve brand loyalty. And that's never a bad thing.

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Writing for the web.

Your website copy should sound human, because people like writing that tells them what a human has to say. It'll reflect your brand, and help your site's SEO too.

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Good writing will make people like you. (Well, they'll like your brand anyway.)

Obviously I can't make people like you. I'm sure you're lovely, but for all I know, you steal sticks from puppies. So when I say 'you', I'm talking about your brand. 

I've helped everyone from ambitious start-ups to well-known brands such as the NHS with their writing. So it doesn't matter what line of business you're in; if your words are slacking, call me and I'll give you some new ones.

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